TOSHIBA Alkaline AAA 12 MP

Manufacturer: TOSHIBA Corp. Model: LR03GCNN MP-12 SS Condition: New Code: V-550, EAN: 4904530589348

RRP EUR 2.35
EUR 1.82 *
Content 12 piece
Unit price EUR 0.15 / piece
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Experience the best performance with Toshiba Alkaline Blue Line Batteries

Batteries designed and built to the highest Japanese standards. New manufacturing technology has made it possible to increase boost in the reaction rate, Ideal for equipment requiring high current flow and equally suited in electronic applications requiring small current pulses use.

Suitable for digital media players, personal data management devices, recorders, medical equipment, portable radios, wherever power, reliability and autonomy are required.


Electronic devices, rechargeable and consumer batteries do not belong with the normal household waste. The materials they contain must be collected and recycled. This alone saves valuable raw materials and protects the environment in a sustainable way. In principle, it is possible to recycle all consumer batteries. Since 2008, the EU directive 2006/66/EC has become binding in all EU Member States.

It states that batteries, regardless of their electrochemical system, must be separated from household waste and have to be recycled. Used batteries and rechargeable batteries can be disposed in shops as well as at municipal collection points, such as in civic amenity sites or recycling centers.

More details

  • 1.5V Alkaline AAA / AA batteries from TOSHIBA with innovative Ready-To-Use technology and vibration resistance. Battery performance is maintained even in high vibration and shock in cordless equipment and outdoor applications
  • Toshiba's alkaline batteries are designed for high performance and longer life, with up to 300% more power compared with Toshiba Heavy duty (R6KG models)
  • They have unique features, such as a higher capacity / weight ratio and less toxic ingredients, and they are distinguished by their high performance and long life.
  • Toshiba’s batteries are compatible with all devices that accept AA or AAA type batteries such as Game Controllers, Keyboards, Mouses, Clocks, Digital Cameras, Flashlights, Radios, GPS devices, Microphones, Motion Detectors, Toys, Remote Controls, Walkie Talkies
  • All Toshiba batteries are fully charged and ready to use and they contain no mercury, cadmium and lead, providing a trustful source of energy.

Technical data

Item ID 249
Variation ID 4904530589348
Condition New
Model LR03GCNN MP-12 SS
Manufacturer TOSHIBA
Content 12 piece
Weight 142 g
Dimensions 45×129×11mm
Customs tariff number